Find out more about Maxi Salon by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions! Not sure how our salon operates, look no further! Simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

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Q? As my appointment date approaches will I receive a reminder?

A. Due to our diverse group of Stylists, each situation is different, but generally speaking we will call you in advance to remind you if that is your preference. Just let your stylists know.

Q? How can I keep updated on what is happening at Maxi Hair Stylists?

A. We will have updates on our website blog page.

Q? What can I use to hide my grey in between appointments?

A. We recommend a temporary hair color marker called “Touch Back”, by Colormark. To apply, it can be brushed on the designated areas to cover. We have found that this product doesn’t rub off, flake off, and has quick dry time. It is gentle on the hair and does not contain ammonia or peroxide. The longevity of this product is until your next shampoo. We can assist you in choosing the correct shade.

Q? What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Cash & Check.

Q? Is it fine to be a little late to my appointment?

A. Although being on time for your hair appointment is considered not only best, but a part of flawless hair salon etiquette you should really work on, there are times when being a little late is okay. For your first appointment with a new stylist, it is a must-show-up-on-time. We take the “academic quart”, 15 extra minutes, into account when scheduling your appointment but we expect you not to abuse that to a point when your constantly being late disrupts your stylists entire schedule.

Q? What if my stylists is running behind?

A. Your stylist and the other customers are allowed their academic quarts as well which means you shouldn’t go banana’s in case the client scheduled before you is still sitting on the chair upon your arrival. Please be patient, flip through a magazine or check your email – your patience is greatly appreciated and will go a long way with your stylists.

Q? How does tipping work? Who should I tip?

A. Each stylists is an independent contractor and deserves 100% of whatever you feel necessary (your gratitude for the stylists excellent services). Tipping percentage is just like any restaurant, 15% is the standard and 20% is above average.

Q? What if I can’t make it?

A. If you are unable to make it to your appointment, pick up your phone AS SOON as you find out and call your stylists directly. If you are unable to speak directly with your stylists, please call the shop and notify us directly. Your consideration for our stylists schedule/life, will go a long way in building a good relationship. Simply, the sooner the better!

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